September 2, 2023

Aly Gulamhusein
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I was up until 3 am this morning, taking photos of pens. I wanted to make sure to get some pictures before delivering them. This afternoon, we made our way over to Bill Miles for Men to deliver 18 pens.

It felt great to see my buddy’s reaction when he pulled them out of the gift bag. He’s a guy with a vision for his store and the pens fit into that. I’m really happy he has included SANA Stationery & Gifts in that. I really like how he sees the pens as part of a lifestyle collection of accessories for men. The designs for the pens he chose fit nicely into that vision.

The pens are heavier. The density of the Maple, the rich darkness of the Gaboon Ebony, and the streams of grain on the Bloodwood, each fit into an aesthetic tailored toward a classic feel in men’s fashion.

I didn’t see all of this while taking pictures last night, however. I was fighting my impatience and clumsy fingers. The lighting was off but I’m not sure if my eyes were adjusting appropriately. Fatigue is not in fashion.

I’m proud that my pens will be part of something larger. I’m also eager to grow. When we left the pens at Aro Market, I had a similar feeling as I did today, that of leaving something behind. I started missing the pens as we were walking up to the store. Leaving had a calm solemnity to it.

Perhaps that the plight of a craftsmen. The joy is in the pleasure you derive in the process. The attachment is your stamp, the mark you leave on something someone else, someone you don’t know, will enjoy. That is hard to capture with a camera

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